About Ian Wilson
Hi, I'm the founder and station manager of Wilson Waffling Radio. I guess you could say I am the person who organises and runs the station as well as presenting the Musical, Snuggle and Waffling Shows. I work full time as a Senior Lecturer in higher education and love 80s cheesy pop music!

Snuggle Sunday Show recorded 05.06.16

June 7, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

Back to the usual show this week, plenty of chilled out music from The Beetles, Blondie, Snow Patrol and Lionel Richie! Also we have the cultured chat, the riddle and the taxing anagram – all on Wilson Waffling Radio.


Snuggle Sunday Show recorded 29.05.16

May 30, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

This week’s show was a special Bank Holiday show. This is when I look back on some of the music which I have played in previous Snuggle shows. There is of course the riddle and the anagram as well as some interesting facts about steps and slugs. Oh – and I do a pirate voice which ends up sounding like a farmer! – all on Wilson Waffling Radio.


Adventures in Radio Land – Part 2

May 21, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

I’m trying to rotate the content of the blog posts are on this page. Recently we have had some related to gaming and some personal ones so I thought it was probably time to write about the continuing adventure into Radio Land. This also coincides with the webpage for Wilson Waffling Radio coming into existence so it somehow seemed appropriate. So headphones on, finger on that mic button counting down to the end of the song…3….2….1…..


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