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Hi, I'm the founder and station manager of Wilson Waffling Radio. I guess you could say I am the person who organises and runs the station as well as presenting the Musical, Snuggle and Waffling Shows. I work full time as a Senior Lecturer in higher education and love 80s cheesy pop music!

The Snuggle Show – 08.05.16

May 11, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

This week the Snuggle show features songs from the Carpenters, Lisa Stansfield and Kelly Clarkson. Of course there are two riddles and the a couple of interesting topics to impress your colleagues with over coffee time.


The Waffling Show

May 7, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

The Waffling Show is here every Wednesday at 20:00. As the name suggests there is plenty of waffle on this show including the recent hype in the gaming world, top films and anything which is hitting the headlines. Coupled this with cheesy pop music from the 70s, 80s and 90s and you have a show worth staying in on a Wednesday evening for! And, if you are TV/film addict, then maybe you will be able to guess the theme tune from just it’s introduction! There is only one more thing to say – be there or be a quadrilateral!


Musical Show

May 7, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

Friday Night is Muscial Show Night! Always starting off with the classic Pearl and Dean theme tune that you probably remember from the start of the main feature film at the cinema, the Musical Show […]

Snuggle Show

April 27, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

Chill out and relax with the Snuggle Show Ever feel that you need to chill out at the end of the day? Well if you do, then the Snuggle Show is there for you. Just […]

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