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Whenever you start a new project there are always several things which can be barriers or, if we let them, excuses. Setting up an internet radio station IS expensive and can take loads of time and, I talk from experience here, energy. However, if you are looking to join the station and have your own show then I have hopefully removed as much of the cost of broadcasting for you as possible. So, no excuses, here is the software you can use to get online and start sharing your show with the world!

We have already talked about designing your show so you should have some idea of the content, title and sweepers. Remember, although much of the software mentioned here is FREE you would be responsible for your the music within your show. In order to comply to the license agreement for the station you need to own the music which you play – no playing it directly from Spotify and/or Youtube. Also, the license does not cover live music performances – just so you are aware. Anyway, let’s get down to the software.

  • Sweepers and Promos – I mentioned in the last post about developing a ‘feel’ for your show and sweepers and promos can add to this feel and actually help with your advertising. People tend to listen and remember the tag lines played in sweepers and can find themselves repeating them even when they are not listening to the show. If I said to people of my era – “And all because the lady….” – they would reply “loves Milk Tray”. Creating these requires more thought than technical expertise. I would definitely download Audacity. This is a FREE piece of software which will allow you to record sound bytes on multiple tracks. It also allows you to edit them and adjust the volume of tracks so you can be heard. You can also record yourself with this software so you can have a copy of your show for future reference. If you need some support in using the software, then there are numerous tutorials on YouTube, although I learnt everything from Colin Gray – you can find his Audacity Tutorials here – there are relating to podcasting but are extremely helpful.

  • Connecting for Streaming – Once you are ready to broadcast your show, you will need some software to connect to the station. This can be done with two pieces of software – for example Myriad and an encoder (e.g. Butt Encoder) or just one piece of software. If you are using a piece of software which you are familiar with and just want to use an encoder, then the website which hosts Wilson Waffling Radio has a good tutorial for setting Butt Encoder up with the site. However, there is a piece of FREE software which you can use which will integrate both the encoder and the DJing function into one. This piece of software is called MIXX and there is tutorial for downloading and setting it up here.

  • Sharing your shows – We all lead very busy lives and sometimes people might not be able to listen to your show live but really would like to still support you and listen at a later date. All shows are required to be recorded so please ensure you are doing this. However, this also allows you to share your content with your audience so they can listen to any shows they have missed or even, listen to the show again. As well as getting a USB device to store all your shows on (the files can be big!) I would also recommend that you sign up to Mixcloud. This again is FREE and allows you to upload your recordings. There is unlimited storage and you can embed the recordings to websites and link to them via your social media accounts. Create an image which represents your show and then you can add this to your recordings. You then have the option to add a post to the Wilson Waffling Radio website providing a teaser for the show and then using the embedding code to link to your show. These can then be published for your audience to enjoy!

  • You should now have the content of your show ready to go and the software all ready for your first live station experience. But wait – before you go a head and click that broadcast live button, there is two more things you need to get organised and learn – what content you need to provide for the website and how to actually prepare and connect for the first time. I know you are keen to get going, but remember patience is a virtue…you are almost there!

    If you have any thoughts about the content of this post or any advice for creating your own radio show, then please add them in the comments below.

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