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So you have your show created, your software organised and you are almost ready to start broadcasting but wait, there is something else you can do before you actually click the LIVE button to support your own show and let people what is happening. Don’t worry, this isn’t a huge list of jobs to do and they are all simple, but does require an image of you, so get ready with that camera!

Wilson Waffling Radio – the webpage – is a central hub for the station and, although it is probably still in its infancy, it is a place where all tweets and Facebook posts direct people to. It includes all the past recordings of shows for people to listen to but also the information for the shows and the biographical information (‘bios’) of the presenters. We have already mentioned the past shows in the software post but you have some work to do for your ‘bio’.

  • Profile Image – Have you ever listened to someone on the radio or had a conversation with someone on the phone and wondered what do they look like? I know I certainly have, although I might just be a nosy person! When you join the station it is important to let your listeners know who you are. We ask that you provide an image of yourself to feature on the webpage. This doesn’t have to be a professional modelling shot, it just needs to be an image which you are happy with and which reflects your personality. Of course, it is best that you ensure that you maintain an air of professionalism about your ‘shot’. In order for the image to appear in certain locations within the site you need to make a Gravatar account. You might already have one of these if you have used WordPress before, so check before creating a new one. The account is FREE and allows you to upload images which will change where ever the account is used. Once you have created your Gravatar account and uploaded an image, the Wilson Waffling Radio site will automatically connect to this, as long as the emails are the same, and ‘pop’ your image will appear! There is a ‘presenter’ page on the website – this does not update from Gravatar – but is manually created with your image ‘copied’ from your Gravatar account. If you want to further extend your profile then you do have the option to extend it via BuddyPress which is a built in plugin on the site. This is like social media for the website and allows you to befriend people and send messages. Once you have established your profile on the site you will be invited to the presenter’s forum so you can interact with the other presenters.
  • Biographical Information – Once people know what you look like it is important to present some general information about yourself. You can add this in the ‘Users’ section of the site under ‘Your Profile’. You can add your Twitter and Facebook account here but remember this will be public on the site, so if you don’t want to share your own personal accounts then just leave them blank. So what should you put in your ‘bio’? Well firstly keep it brief, it is not a personal statement for a job application. Read what other people have put and use these as a template for your own. Key information should include the shows you present and the genre of music which you like. If you want to have your content checked before it goes live then just contact the station manager – he will check it for grammar and spelling too so don’t worry about that. Nearly there – I did say it was a short one.

  • Show Slider – At the top of the page there are two places where the shows get advertised – the ‘coming soon ticker’ and the ‘Show Slider’. You need to provide a description of your show in order for it to appear on the slider. Think of this in two parts. The first part will be what appears next to the actual image. This should be short and be a teaser for the show, providing the basic information but also providing a ‘hook’ to get people to come and listen to it. After this, you can write anymore information about the show you want. This additional information will not appear on the actual slider but will be available when the visitor clicks on the link. You can see what other people have written so use this as a basis. Where should you write it? Well if you log into the site just start a new post and use the name of the show as the title. You can then write away. Copy and paste the information you want to appear on the slider into the box labelled ‘Excerpt’ – its about halfway down the page. Just keep saving it until it are happy with the content and then send it to to be published. Don’t worry – it won’t actually be live until one of the admins from the site has checked it. The information for the ‘Coming Soon Ticker’ will be taken from this description but, if you have any special events on your show, then just let the station manager know and these can be added.

  • You are doing well – you are now ready to broadcast for the first time so pick a date and read the last post – Joining the Station: Your first broadcast – which will help you get ready for your first venture into Radio Land!

    If you have any thoughts about the content of this post or any advice for creating your own radio show, then please add them in the comments below.

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    Hi, I'm the founder and station manager of Wilson Waffling Radio. I guess you could say I am the person who organises and runs the station as well as presenting the Musical, Snuggle and Waffling Shows. I work full time as a Senior Lecturer in higher education and love 80s cheesy pop music!

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