Snuggle Show recorded 14.08.16 – Wilson Waffling Radio

This week’s cultured chat includes the highest mountain in Scotland, the oldest living vertebrate and a discussion about poo! – You’ve been warned! Music includes songs from John Waite, Robbie Williams and Little Mix and your brain’s get challenged with the anagram and riddle quizzes.

This week’s riddle: “Here on Earth it’s always true, that a day follows a day. But there is a place where yesterday always follows today!”

This week’s anagram: “RICH EAT OK (9)”

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Hi, I'm the founder and station manager of Wilson Waffling Radio. I guess you could say I am the person who organises and runs the station as well as presenting the Musical, Snuggle and Waffling Shows. I work full time as a Senior Lecturer in higher education and love 80s cheesy pop music!

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