Snuggle Show recorded 04.09.16 – Wilson Waffling Radio

September 29, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

In this week’s cultured chat we have an update about the Juno probe, learn about the danger of microbeads and how to farm crocodiles. We have songs from East17, Percy Sledge and justin Hayward who sings Forever Autumn. There is, of course, the usual anagram game and riddle for those of you who would like to exercise your brain cells.


The Snuggle Show – 08.05.16

May 11, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

This week the Snuggle show features songs from the Carpenters, Lisa Stansfield and Kelly Clarkson. Of course there are two riddles and the a couple of interesting topics to impress your colleagues with over coffee time.


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