Snuggle Show recorded 03.07.16 – Wilson Waffling Radio

July 22, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

Sorry for the delay in uploading this show but there is still plenty of time to enjoy the chilled out music from The Osmonds, ABBA, Will Young and Travis. The interesting facts include the unique event which happened on the 18th February 1979 and why should not use the word ‘pants’ if you were ever back in time in the 1880s! There is also the regular riddle and the anagram game, so why not grab a pen and pencil and listen in.


Snuggle Sunday Show recorded 26.06.16 – Wilson Waffling Radio

July 10, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

Tonight’s show features songs from The Carpenters, Toni Braxton and Dolly Parton – if I get the title of the song correctly! There is also an interesting fact about Donkey Kong and what an apple, potato and onion have in common! Coupled with the anagram and riddle quizzes you have another chilled out and cultured show.


Snuggle Sunday Show recorded 29.05.16

May 30, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

This week’s show was a special Bank Holiday show. This is when I look back on some of the music which I have played in previous Snuggle shows. There is of course the riddle and the anagram as well as some interesting facts about steps and slugs. Oh – and I do a pirate voice which ends up sounding like a farmer! – all on Wilson Waffling Radio.


The Snuggle Show – 08.05.16

May 11, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

This week the Snuggle show features songs from the Carpenters, Lisa Stansfield and Kelly Clarkson. Of course there are two riddles and the a couple of interesting topics to impress your colleagues with over coffee time.


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