Snuggle Show

Chill out and relax with the Snuggle Show

Ever feel that you need to chill out at the end of the day? Well if you do, then the Snuggle Show is there for you. Just over an hour of chilled out music and love songs for you to relax to. Although you body might be chilled the show likes to keep your grey cells busy with the riddle and anagram game as well as the interesting topic segment on the show when you can hear some interesting facts to share with your colleagues over coffee. If you work out either the riddle of the anagram then you can tweet your answer to @wafflingradio or even post the answer on the Wilson Waffling Radio Facebook Page

About Ian Wilson 271 Articles
Hi, I'm the founder and station manager of Wilson Waffling Radio. I guess you could say I am the person who organises and runs the station as well as presenting the Musical, Snuggle and Waffling Shows. I work full time as a Senior Lecturer in higher education and love 80s cheesy pop music!

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