Waffling Show – 8 – recorded 31.08.16 – Wilson Waffling Radio

September 1, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

My competition with Great British Bake Off continues as I broadcast at the same time – its a bit like David and Goliath, just without the sling and small stones! In this show the Waffling Topic is Picnic and we ask – what is your favourite sandwich filling. We look the invasion of the YellowJackets – I’m sure they were in The Hunger Games – and what to do if you find a venomous spider in your bananas. Music includes songs from the Village People, Kylie Minogue, One Direction and Britney Spears – definitely a dancing sort of show! We also look at the both the recent gaming and film news and play ‘Guess the Theme tune’.


The Waffling Show 5- Recorded on 03.08.16 on Wilson Waffling Radio

August 5, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

No way! I lost internet connection with the radio server half way through the show so, if you were listening live, you would have had a bit of KC and the Sunshine band before I returned – but, like Foo Man shoo – I didn’t return! In this show we had a test to see how old your skin was, an new invention to keep avocados from going brown and a musical pillow. We had guess the theme tune and music from Blondie, Madness, Alphabeat and that classic Human League track – “Don’t you want me”. What more could you ask for from another classic waffling show!


The Waffling Show 2- Recorded on 13.07.16 on Wilson Waffling Radio

July 14, 2016 Ian Wilson 0

Yes it managed to make it to a second show! In this show we had music from One Direction, the hip gyrating Ricky Martin and the Five Young Cannibals. In the waffling segments we looked at the top five games currently being played, the new Overwatch Hero – Ana and how far would you go for beautiful skin? All this and the Top five quiz and Guess the Theme Tune! What more could you want from a radio show? – and don’t shout prizes!


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